Get Your Own Discovery Zone Report

The Discovery Zone is the place to be

Companies have to figure out if a product should go foward. This is often risky and uncertain. Many tend to go with small and safe projects, staying put in what is known as the Comfort Zone. Projects here rarely have the high impact that secures a company’s future.

That’s where the scout comes in. The scout’s job is to focus on the gaps that companies are afraid to explore, gaps that are only found in the Discovery Zone. There, you’ll find the innovation impact you’re looking for.

How do you get there faster so you’re not too late and miss the boat? SmartOrg has the solution.

The Discovery Zone Report

Get your own Discovery Zone Report

With SmartOrg’s Discovery Report, you’ll find out your innovation blind spots and get the important analysis you need to help you align on priorities.

The process is simple to get started

Order your Discovery Zone Report for our special Impact Silicon Valley conference price of $999.00.

  • Participate in two structured interviews using the Innovation Navigator process:
    1. Issue scanning plus qualitative Ignorance & Impact assessment
    2. Interpret draft report
  • Finalize