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Thanks for attending David Matheson’s breakout session, “Keep Your Distributed Team on Track” held Wednesday, January 19th, as part of the Impact Reconnected Online Series. You can watch the workshop replay below.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, connect with David on LinkedIn.

working to keep your innovation team on track?

Learn About Innovation Navigator’s Alpha Trial

SmartOrg is inviting innovation leaders to participate in an Alpha Trial for our newest innovation management software. In an Alpha Trial, you can access our software for an innovation project of your choosing, participate in a cohort, and give us feedback.

As a first step, contact us to complete a 1-hour empathy interview, so our team can learn about your situation and answer your questions about the trial.

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Current Alpha Trial Participants

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This software augments the process and gives everyone a place to go where all the work, experiments, and results are stored, effectively helping to expand the innovation talent pool by keeping everyone on track. — Feedback from our first Alpha Trial cohort