Elevate your innovation journey with Innovation Navigator!

Innovation teams frequently struggle to develop clear and concise problem statements and opportunity hypotheses.

Based on years of research and client engagement as well as best practices from the Stanford GSB LEAD Program, SmartOrg developed a focused team engagement to facilitate innovation scouting initiatives.

This 1.5-day workshop focuses on...

  • Value proposition mapping
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Lean experimentation
  • Innovation action plan

... that delivers on the three key corporate elements for successful innovation:

  • Evidence of value
  • Value of evidence
  • Innovator to investor confidence (matching the innovator dialect to the investor)

Innovation Navigator: A mash-up of real option analysis and the Lean Startup method

Scouting Party

Workshop for Innovation Scouting

Define a learning plan for a domain. Preparation ( 1 -2 weeks)
Get teams focused on most important hypotheses. Facilitated Workshop - Scouting Party (1.5 days)

  • Hypothesis generation (e.g. BMC, Tornado, Maturity Matrix)
  • Hypotheses assessment
  • Develop Kill Shot experiments
  • Prioritization and learning plan
Understand the goal posts: criteria and effort for IGP Aftermath ( 1 - 2 weeks)
Communicate value of scouting investment and track progress towards IGP Tracking Follow Up (3 - 6 months later)

  • 1/2 day interactions
  • Update and refine
Scouting Party Outcomes
Survey Readiness
Innovation Navigator back side of card: What is the definition of a strong hypothesis? How do you escape phase-gate habits? How do you report innovation progress? When are you ready for serious investment?


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