Innovation Navigator® Services

We have merged Real Options and Lean Startup methodology into an innovation lifecycle approach that aligns executive intent to innovator credibility. 

Your Innovation Guides

SmartOrg consultants provide the expertise and horsepower to align innovation teams and executives.  We specialize in:

  • Driving conversations that increase innovation investment
  • Getting teams out of their comfort zones and focused on the critical few discoveries that matter to executives
  • Improving credibility by showing clear progress on uncertainties that increase value 

Tangible impact on intangible problems

Master Uncertainty icon

Master Uncertainty

Teams quickly align on critical pieces of the innovation puzzle with our facilitated framework. 

Critical Thinking icon

Critical Thinking


Teasing out business hypothesis is not an everyday skill. Teams leverage our experience to reach clarity quickly.

Increase Acceptance icon

Increase Acceptance

We help craft and stage experiments, reinforce innovation behaviors, and keep achievement on-track. 

Overcome Skepticism icon

Overcome Skepticism

We align leaders, stakeholders, and teams in growth change management. 

7 SmartOrg steps in solving the innovation puzzle

Innovation Achievement diagram

Innovation Achievement

Idea through Investment Proposal

In addition to innovation management services throughout the lifecycle, SmartOrg’s mash-up of lean startup and real options give you that extra boost to keep innovation efforts on track and executives on board.

Succeed Early diagram

1. Succeed Early

Dashboarding your journey.
Show your executive sponsors exactly where you are and how far you need to go in a language they understand.

  • Opportunity Size
  • Investment Required
  • Opportunity Readiness
  • Progress since last review
Scope Opportunity framework diagram

2. Scope Opportunity

Compiling the Puzzle Pieces

Facilitating teams through comprehensive frameworks so that they find ALL the assumptions, not just the obvious ones.

Evaluate Opportunity Innovation diagram

3. Evaluate Opportunity

Sorting the puzzle pieces.

Understand which uncertainties have the greatest impact on economic returns. Find the assumptions that will deliver evidence of value.

Score Issues Innovation diagram

4. Score Issues

Finding the edge pieces.

Everything cannot be important. Score based on SmartOrg’s Ignorance and Impact scales to find the Discovery issues that need to be worked on first.

Communicate Gaps innovation diagraom

5. Communicate Gaps

Establishing pivot points

Align on how much needs to be explored before you can pivot or commit to an investment-grade proposal, using the SmartOrg Readiness metric.

Craft Decisive Experiments image

6. Craft Decisive Experiments

Finding Valuable Evidence

Craft experiments that create the greatest velocity to close the gap. Create decisive outcomes that inspire executives to pivot or commit further. 

Prioritize Efforts innovation diagram

7. Prioritize Efforts

Convincing the skeptics.

Create a learning plan the delivers the most knowledge for the least investment. Improve your reputation as a good steward of innovation resources.

Menu of SmartOrg innovation services


Our virtual and physical workshops have helped many innovation teams and executives move the ball.  

Early Stage

Run one or more early-stage innovation teams through the SmartOrg process to get them focused on the discoveries that matter most to executives. 

Late Stage

Connect late-stage innovation efforts to business strategy to accelerate acceptance and gain clarity on the remaining innovation tasks.


Support your people and teams. The critical thinking behind hypothesis development and other deliverables are not everyday skills. Use our experience to sharpen the point of discovery.


By embedding in the Sprint team, our innovation professionals work side-by-side to foster habits, build capability, and achieve results.

New Perspective

We’ve seen it all from many industries. Get new ideas and see new ways to solve your innovation challenges.


Implement an innovation process or make it better. Produce better outcomes faster and more reliably.


Will your innovation process and projects deliver on goals?  Understand what your efforts can realistically contribute to your company’s portfolio.  Communicate gaps and opportunity credibly.


Learn about Agile and Lean methods, learn how to connect innovation and finance.