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Our Portfolio Navigator® software incorporates SmartOrg-invented methods to help you optimize your opportunities and manage your portfolio.

It’s built on a portfolio evaluation platform that models project uncertainties, allowing users to input data via templates and spreadsheets and export the information into readily useable formats.


Portfolio Navigator models the internal value factors of each opportunity using uncertainty ranges. It creates a Tornado Chart that clearly shows the most significant factors that drive the overall opportunity value. The uncertainty ranges show you where to find hidden upside potential; you can then create plans to turn that potential into real gains.

Many companies find that up to 30% of their projects are distractions that shouldn’t be done. Portfolio Navigator helps you cut through the clutter by comparing projects by value and by upside potential. You can weed out projects with limited upsides and focus on making the projects that matter wildly successful.

Portfolio Navigator evaluates opportunities by size and difficulty (i.e., the chance of successful completion) to show whether you have enough of each type to sustain and renew your business. It helps you rebalance your portfolio away from small incremental (White Elephant) opportunities and redirect those resources to high-risk, high-reward opportunities (Oysters) to boost the overall value of your portfolio.

Portfolio Navigator prioritizes opportunities by their financial efficiency, or “bang for the buck.” By connecting value to cost, you can see how cutting cost or increasing investment affects your portfolio’s value. Portfolio Navigator shows you how to get the most return from an existing opportunity portfolio, and in some cases how to get greater returns with less investment.

Traditional P&L projections often use assumptions to give a rosy prediction of meeting goals. Portfolio Navigator gives you a rigorous, honest evaluation of your portfolio. It highlights dangers and shows how to improve individual opportunities and adjust your portfolio mix to close the gap between your portfolio performance and your goals.


SmartOrg’s services help build your capability to manage your portfolio.
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Getting Started

Workshops and Assessments

SmartOrg’s on-site workshops introduce the concepts of strategic portfolio management to your team. Assessments diagnose your current project and portfolio mix.

Pilot Projects

Pilot projects and demonstrations let you try out strategic portfolio management concepts and learn how they fit your organization.

Change Management

SmartOrg’s change management and deployment services maximize acceptance of the new processes by all stakeholders.

Ongoing Success

Installation and Configuration

SmartOrg helps you build the templates to model your specific projects and portfolio. We work with you in collecting and loading the required data into Portfolio Navigator.


SmartOrg provides the tools and services to ensure that your team members understand the concepts behind the new processes as well at the procedures to operate them on their own.


SmartOrg provides support to ensure that the systems behind your new portfolio management processes run smoothly, and that your capabilities grow with your changing requirements.

SmartOrg’s unique capabilities are built into all our solutions