What is the Important and Valuable Challenge?

The SmartOrg Framework for Growth

Watch the full discussion of how DuPont was reforged as a growth company to the tune of 3X using SmartOrg’s guidance and innovation platform.

DuPont was asking itself, “What is the right portfolio to deliver against our growth ambitions?” As an example, Alexa Dembek, CTO and Chief Sustainability Officer of DuPont, discusses their safety and construction businesses. She describes how these were amazing businesses, but that the opportunity for growth was not well-articulated, and the pipeline was’t going to deliver the growth they needed for the next decade. DuPont wanted to get to a higher performance growth, because they knew it existed within those businesses. Alexa explained how SmartOrg allowed them to have a framework that aligned the entire business on what is important and delivered 3X growth.
The “Merger of the Century” saw Dow Chemical and DuPont combine into a behemoth called DowDuPont, and then quickly divide itself back into three publicly-traded spinoffs:
  • DuPont (specialty materials)
  • Corteva Agriscience (seeds and crop protection)
  • Dow (materials science)
The newly created companies faced the challenge of leveraging their legacy of success to create new sources of innovation and growth.

Reforging DuPont as a Growth Company from SmartOrg, Inc. At Front End of Innovation 2019, Alexa Dembek, CTO and Chief Sustainability Officer of DuPont, talks about driving innovation in a “217-year-old start-up.”