Innovation Management

Innovation Management

Tornado Diagram: Resolve Conflict and Confusion with Objectivity and Evidence

When making decisions in organizations, we waste a lot of time chasing things that don’t matter. Sometimes, we even get into shouting matches over what’s most important.

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How to make innovation soar

For innovation to work, use a business model that maximizes the rate of learning while choosing, developing and successfully exploiting innovative opportunities.

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Big Data Comes to Town: Can You Handle It?

Promoting Rangal = outdated

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HP Turbo Charges Innovation

Focusing on a big win instead of easier small wins requires rapidly exploring several projects using a structured analysis that also reveals risk and uncertainty.

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Drive Growth with Product Innovation Video

Real innovation requires understanding if an idea can actually succeed in the market. SmartOrg gives companies the ability to fully grasp chances of success.

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Profitable Pivots for Your Portfolio, Part 1 | ValuePoint February 2017

Findings at an innovation conference confirm two of the methods to profitably pivot your portfolio are: Exploit Upside Factors and Dynamic Portfolio Focus.

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Three Pivots and What I Learned from Them | ValuePoint June 2017

To gain buy-in, communicating effectively to portfolio stakeholders requires reducing complexity and increasing transparency in order to clearly convey value.

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    Professional Development

    Six Principles of Strategic Portfolio Management – Part 1

    The credibility of a company, both internally and externally, rests largely in the abilities of its decision makers to make sound, strategic decisions that will benefit everyone from the corner office to the mail room and stretching out to its clients, vendors and customers.

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    How Big – Accuracy vs. Fiction

    Value Point:

    Forecast the future is more analogous to writing fiction. Accuracy is less relevant.

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