Innovation Management

Innovation Management

Articulate the Evidence of Value | Chapter 1

Innovation is a source of fascination and fear for executives and managers of enterprise companies. Various surveys of business leaders by Harvard Business School, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Innovation Leader put the problem for enterprise companies into focus:

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Prioritizing the Value of Evidence | Chapter 2

After my stint as the finance director for HP’s effort to enter the on-demand photo printing market, I transitioned into the role of Innovation Scout for HP’s foray into consumer wearables.

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Matching the Language of Investors and Innovators | Chapter 3

In February’s ValuePoint, I discussed the importance of articulating the evidence of value in the innovation process. Last month I continued the story with the need to prioritize the value of evidence, to prioritize innovation activities to “buy down ignorance” in service of decreasing opportunity risk.

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How to Overcome Challenges in Building a Successful Innovation Incubator

In his Global Technical Program Leader role, Cory has strategic accountability for early corn trait product development using core technologies and for the use of novel technologies,

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Resolve Conflict and Confusion with the Tornado Diagram

When making decisions in organizations, we waste a lot of time chasing things that don’t matter. Sometimes, we even get into shouting matches over what’s most important.

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An example on drive growth in a project. Opportunties are identified through a project evaluation.

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Failing Forward Quickly with a Learning Plan

Breakthrough innovation takes an organization out of its familiar comfort zone into a realm of uncertainty.

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    Professional Development

    Principles of Strategic Portfolio Management

    Guidebook: Innovation Portfolio Management – Balancing Value and Risk (Frost & Sullivan/SmartOrg/Beta Inc.)

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    Practitioners Guide to Project Evaluation

    Value Point:

    Forecast the future is more analogous to writing fiction. Accuracy is less relevant.

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