Innovation Management

Innovation Management

Disruptor Studio: Duolingo for Innovators

Often disruptors talk about the impact, the change, the awesome future state. Yet financial stakeholders hear: “Blah, blah….blah, blah, blah….we want some money to go disrupt your business.

40 min watch

Articulate the Evidence of Value | Chapter 1

A business discovery starts with a hypothesis, then a skillful experiement in which the world reveals itself, and ends with the discipline to act accordingly. Presenting opportunity value as an evolving range of uncertainty is more credible than a hockey stick growth curve

7 min read

Prioritizing the Value of Evidence | Chapter 2

The lesson of Chapter Two is to prioritize innovation activities to “buy-down ignorance” in service of decreasing opportunity risk.

7 min read

Matching the Language of Investors and Innovators | Chapter 3

In this edition of ValuePoint, I’ll relate the final chapter of my story about my time at HP and how we finally learned how to combine articulating the evidence of value with appreciating the value of evidence to match the innovator’s dialect to investor language.

6 min read

How to Overcome Challenges in Building a Successful Innovation Incubator

What makes a good startup incubator? In this webinar, Cory Christensen of Corteva Agriscience, discusses how to build a disruptive innovation competency within an established, multi-national business with history spanning a century.

2 min read

Resolve Conflict and Confusion with the Tornado Diagram

Turn sensitivity analysis to a social tool. Learn the basics of tornado diagram creation and how to use it with your team for conversations around uncertainty.

8 min watch


This case study video narrates how SmartOrg helped a customer achieved breakthrough growth, illustrated with an example of a new product introduction.

2 min watch

    Professional Development

    Principles of Strategic Portfolio Management

    The guidebook explains the six steps for strategic portfolio management best practice.

    5 min watch

    Practitioners Guide to Project Evaluation

    Share and penetration represent two different aspects of how innovation changes the world. Penetration represents how a new technology enters the world and its acceptance into the world. Market share represents how well you compete against in-kind competition.

    3 min watch