Practitioners Guide to Project Evaluation

Practitioners Guide to Project Evaluation

How Difficult – Proof vs. Work

Make the distinctions between proof and work in project.

8 min watch

How Difficult – Probability Assessment. How would you know?

Provide the definition for success to assess the probability to answer how difficult a question in project evaluation. How to define a proof point?

7 min watch

How Big – Jump to the Future

In this video, you'll learn about market uncertainties in a future state and how to assess them. Typically, the launch, the ramp, and then a couple of years out. Don't get trapped or be wildly speculative when assessing market uncertainty.

2 min watch

How Big – Market Size

Assess uncertainty for market size in the future. The idea in the template is certainly the evaluation model, but you also want to focus on critical management quesitions. What is the underlying issue you're actually dealing with?

5 min watch