Neal Gutterson – DuPont Pioneer – Talks Innovation Strategy

Strategic course adjustments can be uncertain, which compounds the change management effort. Strategic scenarios help. To get real change, get alignment about the real value of the discomfort required.

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The Why, What and How of Strategic Portfolio Management

Business purpose defines strategy: 3 questions and 13 tenants can help leadership teams toward strategy alignment. Always ask yourself how strategic portfolio management can tangibly advance the business goals of the company and deliver recognizable results.

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Alliance Voices: David Matheson, CEO of SmartOrg >> “Great Decisions Every time”

For an organization to make a great decision every time, integrate the head and the heart. Combining rigor with the right narrative will motivate strong action.

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Verathon created focus across the organization by facing uncertainty

Verathon faced uncertainty surrounding time-to-market and developmental success of new products. They used Portfolio Navigator® software to improve product development decisions, helping them quickly focus development efforts on areas with the greatest ROI.

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Measure Your Organizational IQ®

Measure Your Organizational IQ®. Take a test and measure your organizational IQ level

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    Professional Development

    Principles of Strategic Portfolio Management

    The guidebook explains the six steps for strategic portfolio management best practice.

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    Practitioners Guide to Project Evaluation

    Share and penetration represent two different aspects of how innovation changes the world. Penetration represents how a new technology enters the world and its acceptance into the world. Market share represents how well you compete against in-kind competition.

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