Articulate the Evidence of Value | Chapter 1

Innovation is a source of fascination and fear for executives and managers of enterprise companies. Various surveys of business leaders by Harvard Business School, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Innovation Leader put the problem for enterprise companies into focus:

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Report from Front End of Innovation

At the Front End of Innovation event in Boston last month, Alexa Dembek of DuPont and Neal Gutterson of Corteva Agriscience shared their perspectives on navigating the Merger of the Century between DuPont and Dow Chemical. The merged DowDuPont has split into three separate publicly-traded entities: Dow for commodity chemicals, DuPont for specialty materials, and Corteva for agricultural technology.

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Benchmarking Improvements in Portfolio Returns

At a recent workshop, a group of 35 R&D and innovation executives in industries ranging from automotive to healthcare came together to benchmark improvement potential.

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Failing Forward Quickly with a Learning Plan

Breakthrough innovation takes an organization out of its familiar comfort zone into a realm of uncertainty.

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Decision Quality in Innovation

At first blush, you’d think that Decision Analysts have a lot to contribute to innovation. Innovators face tremendous uncertainty; Decision Analysts are experts at making decisions uncertainty.

Value Point:

When an organization applies a Decision Quality framework to innovation, teams find better paths to growth and build commitment to innovation.

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Millions of Cats: A Fable of Clutter and Upside

In the beloved classic children’s book Millions of Cats by Wanda Gag, an old man and an old woman decide to get a cat to be their companion. The Old Man sets out to find a pretty cat, and he comes across a valley full of…

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