SmartOrg presented on several topics at the Society of Decision Professionals’ DAAG 2019 conference in Denver. Representing SmartOrg at the conference were President & CEO David Matheson, Head of Solutions and Product Suhui Chen, and Mathematician-in-Residence Tom Keelin.

Hi-Tech Track: Making Innovation Management Predictable

Kelly Herwick from Intel leads a panel discussion with Rich Duncombe from Innovation Catalyst Group, David Matheson from SmartOrg and Lindsay Benjamin from Intel.

Building Data Products

Suhui Chen moderated a panel that included:
  • Steve Malinak, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at TruValue Labs
  • Wenhao Liu, Head of Deep Learning at Salesforce Activity Intelligence
  • Ram Rampalli, Head of Global Product Data at Walmart Labs
The data products panel examined what a data product is, the challenges of building data products, and how to build them from both the decision analysis and non-decision analysis perspectives. Specific topics included appropriate frames in designing, emphasis on value, and the importance of cleaning and structuring data.

Hallway chat with Suhui Chen

Suhui discusses what Decision Analysis brings to the practice of Agile project management.

Frontiers of DA: The Metalog Distributions

SmartOrg’s Mathematician-in-Residence, Tom Keelin, discusses a new type of probability distribution he has developed. The Metalog lets one define a probability distribution function that fits nearly any set of empirical observations. SmartOrg uses this method in its Portfolio Navigator™ software to speed calculations based on project and portfolio outcome distributions.

David Matheson and Suhui Chen also ran a workshop: Using Decision Analysis to Drive Lean Innovation. Contact Hilda Cherekdjian at SDP to request access to the workshop presentation.