Give stakeholders the confidence they need to fund your innovation project!  

Many innovation projects are hindered by challenges in overcoming ignorance: building momentum, managing executive expectations, and overcoming internal skepticism.

But what if you could turn this ignorance into intelligence by delivering the evidence your stakeholders need to confidently invest in your opportunity?

Bring a problematic innovation project and dive into our highly interactive, chocolate-fueled workshop, where our expert facilitators and fellow participants will guide you to:

  • Identify your innovation blind spots. What are the big issues executives need addressed that you aren’t attending to? 
  • Learn to speak the language of finance. How can you convince a skeptical CFO that you are worth significant investment? 
  • Align on a learning plan to deliver evidence, not just action. How might you de-risk your project and plan your pivot conversations with business leaders?

Join us at InnoLead’s IMPACT 2023 on Wed., Oct. 25, 4 p.m. ET for our pre-conference workshop “Turn Innovation Ignorance Into Innovation Intelligence”

Join SmartOrg at InnoLead’s IMPACT 2023 on October 25 for our pre-conference workshop: Turn Innovation Ignorance Into Innovation Intelligence

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Space for the workshop is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today. 

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