How to Overcome Challenges in Building a Successful Innovation Incubator

Speaker, Cory A. Christensen

Recap of February 20, 2020 PDMA Webinar

What Cory Christensen of Corteva Agriscience learned from his innovation trek is how to build a disruptive innovation competency within an established, multi-national business with a history spanning a century.

Corn and Genome Editing Global Technical Program Leader, Seed Global Business Platform Corteva Agriscience™ In his Global Technical Program Leader role, Cory has strategic accountability for early corn trait product development using core technologies and for the use of novel technologies, such as genome editing (CRISPR), to create new products across crops. In addition, he serves on the Disruptive Business Innovation Portfolio governance teams, which oversee investment in disruptive new technologies across Corteva. Before joining Dow AgroSciences (now Corteva Agriscience) in 2010, Cory worked for two startup functional genomics companies—first at Paradigm Genetics, Inc. (later Icoria) in North Carolina and later at Ceres, Inc. in California. Most of his roles have been managing R&D departments involved in the discovery and development of biotech traits for crops. While at Ceres, he transitioned into a newly formed commercial development team where he served as the Director of Product Management with responsibility for Ceres’ perennial energy crops portfolio. It was in this role that he discovered his interest in operating at the interface of scientific research and the business and a passion for making high quality investment decisions.
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