You’re wanting more impactful innovation

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Making good innovation decisions is a tricky business and requires clarity and intention in an environment clouded by expectations, ambiguity and uncertainty. And it’s important that you’re giving your attention to the right issues surrounding your innovation projects.

How can you be sure?

Free Alpha Trial Invitation

As discussed in the Master Class (replay below), our new software solution, Innovation Navigator®, is the outcome of tried and true testing over the years. We’re getting close to going to market and are offering a Free Alpha Trial to a limited number of companies with the goal of gaining valuable feedback from more use cases prior to launching.

How does the Alpha Trial work?

In an Alpha Trial, you can access our software for an innovation project of your choosing, participate in a cohort, and give us feedback. Take advantage of this Free Alpha Trial invitation by reaching out to David Matheson by email or sending him a message via LinkedIn. He’ll discuss your situation and answer any questions.

Current Alpha Trial Participants

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Master Class Replay: Get Out of Your Innovation Comfort Zone