PDMA Inspire Conference - Get into the Discovery Zone

Get into the Discovery Zone

We know that as product professionals, we can sometimes fall into our comfort zones. We pursue the speed and sense of progress of Lean and Agile methods while often skipping over the steps that dig a little deeper.

David Matheson of SmartOrg led a featured PDMA session “Get into the Discovery Zone” on November 15, 2022. He also moderated the Innovation Decisions Panel from the Society of Decision Professionals (SDP). The panel included SDP member organizations Oura Ring, Eli Lilly, and ExxonMobil as they discussed how their groups approach Innovation Decisions.

PDMA Inspire Innovation Conference, Orlando, FL, Nov 12-15 2022

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Get into the Discovery Zone—with David Matheson, PhD

This interview was conducted at the PDMA Inspire Innovation Conference and is sponsored by PDMA, the Product Development and Management Association. PDMA is a global community of professional members whose skills, expertise, and experience power the most recognized and respected innovative companies in the world. PDMA is the longest-running professional association for product managers, leaders, and innovators, having started in 1976.