SmartOrg’s Portfolio Navigator® evaluation platform builds your capability to overcome conflict and drive breakthrough growth. Portfolio Navigator builds your capability to deliver credible and comparable evaluations so you and your teammates can fully support the portfolio decisions you make.

Portfolio Navigator drives smart conversations between Innovation and Finance to unleash the growth opportunities hidden in your innovation portfolio. Here’s what those conversations look like.

How do you double the value of this project?

You create and execute an upside exploitation plan. Portfolio Navigator clearly shows the most significant factors in the overall project uncertainty via a tornado chart. The uncertainty ranges show you where to find upside potential and how to mitigate risk.

When is “good” not good enough?

When good projects distract you from great ones. Many companies find that up to 30% of their projects are distractions that shouldn’t be done. Portfolio Navigator compares projects by value and by upside potential. It shows where to weed out projects with limited upsides and focus on making the projects that matter wildly successful.

How do you keep incremental projects from crowding out innovative ones?

Put the innovative projects on a level playing field with incremental ones. Many companies find they’ve been selling their future short by overinvesting in their historical successes.  Portfolio Navigator evaluates projects by size and difficulty (i.e., the chance of successful completion) to show whether you have enough projects of each type to sustain and renew your business. The company whose portfolio is shown here canceled some incremental projects and redirected those resources to high-risk, high-reward projects: doing that gave them a 160% increase in portfolio value with just a 40% increase in investment.

How much should you invest in growth?

The minimum that it takes to get the growth you need. Portfolio Navigator prioritizes projects by their financial efficiency, or “bang for the buck.” By connecting value to cost, you can see how cutting cost or increasing investment affects your portfolio’s value. Portfolio Navigator shows you how to get the most return from an existing innovation project portfolio, and in some cases how to get greater returns with less investment.

How can you be sure you’ll reach your financial goals?

By finding and fixing the hidden reasons for gaps between your goals and your portfolio’s results. Traditional P&L projections often use assumptions to give a rosy prediction of meeting goals.  Portfolio Navigator gives you a rigorous, honest evaluation of your portfolio. It highlights dangers and shows how to improve individual projects and adjust your portfolio mix to meet your goals.

How long can you afford to settle for traditional returns?

The one truth about innovation is that your competitors are doing it too. If you wait too long, someone else will introduce the new product that makes yours obsolete. That’s why it’s critical to manage your innovation portfolio not only to sustain your business with incremental improvements, but to renew it with substantial innovations. Portfolio Navigator gives both Innovation and Finance the tools they need to accelerate innovation and maximize its results.

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