Software Infrastructure That Drives Great Decisions

Rangal is SmartOrg’s software platform for building solutions that drive great portfolio decisions.  It’s built around the specific capabilities organizations need to evaluate, prioritize and optimize projects and portfolios.

What Makes Decision Conversations Great

Some decisions are simple and straightforward, where the alternatives are well-understood, the benefits are clear and the stakes are relatively low.

Decisions that deal with complexity, uncertainty and high stakes often get distorted by error and bias. Pulling all the pieces together into a great decision conversation that reliably drives the right choice is hard; doing it on a regular and ongoing basis is even harder.  Rangal’s infrastructure supports applications to drive great decision conversations that find the best choices.

SmartOrg Solution Stack

Rangal is the foundation layer of the SmartOrg Solution Stack. SmartOrg solution engineers build project and portfolio analysis applications on Rangal and tailor those applications to each client. Rangal supports a variety of applications, including R&D/new product innovation, mergers and acquisitions, cost-cutting, long-range planning processes and capital investment. SmartOrg’s decision experts provide training, change management and advisory services to improve its clients’ capabilities.

Rangal System Architecture

Agile Configuration and Data Collection: Using Excel as a modeling tool, solution engineers create templates that configure Rangal into each specific application with its particular asset models and calculations. The templates guide the process of populating the Rangal database of projects, portfolios and project data.

Powerful Modeling: The Calculation Engine runs the asset models and aggregates and analyzes the results at the portfolio level. The Calculation Engine factors in the uncertainty of each project parameter and supports commands to evaluate project and portfolio value, examine uncertainty ranges, and run what-if scenarios. It’s the key to evaluating opportunities on a level playing field, regardless of size or risk.

Intuitive User Interface: The Ranga™ Standard Workbench UI provides default presentation, graphing and reporting formats, and permits users to import and export data to Excel. The Rangal platform can also exchange data (import and export) with financial information systems. If you require other custom UIs, the Rangal API provides the means to build them.

Extending the Capabilities of Traditional Modeling Tools

Rangal uses Excel as the specification language for modeling, as well as an interface for data exchange and formatting. Rangal keeps the familiarity and simplicity of Excel and extends its capabilities to create an enterprise-class web system:

Rangal commands add functionality to models, like uncertainty analysis, optimization, and tracking the history of inputs.

Rangal allows aggregation and comparison of many models, giving multiple views into data under different scenarios.

Rangal includes a web system and support processes to support your organization and its processes.

A Rich Feature Set

The Rangal platform’s features make it a flexible, familiar foundation for decision analysis applications.

Agile: Rangal lets SmartOrg build tailored solutions with a lean, rapid prototyping approach. This enables you to get up and running with live data and real analysis quickly.

Turnkey or Tailored: While you can have our solution engineers customize your application’s interface, Rangal’s standard UI will get you up and running quickly.

Extensible: Rangal’s API powers the design of custom extensions to Rangal-based analysis applications.

Adaptable: Rangal uses templates to adapt the system to your processes, rather than forcing you into a one-size-fits-all approach.

Decision-Focused: Rangal produces analysis, reports and displays that are designed expressly to drive the decisions you need to make.

Excel: Rangal supports sending data round-trip from Excel to Rangal to Excel, so you can adapt your pre-existing Excel modeling, analysis and reporting tools.

Powerful Built-Ins: The Standard Workbench UI includes a robust set of default formats for data display and reporting.

Responsive: Rangal’s responsive design reshapes itself to each display’s form factor, whether desktop, laptop or tablet. The information presentation remains clear and concise.

Enterprise-Ready: Rangal supports multiple users with role-based security. Roles include administrators, contributors and viewers.

Scalable: Rangal can scale to analyze strategic portfolios of all sizes. You can evaluate 10 or 10,000 projects with equal facility.

Secure: SmartOrg uses state-of-the-art hosting inside a firewall with ISO certifications that exceed best practice standards. We will also support you if you choose internal on-premises hosting.

Connected: Rangal provides rich tools to enable you to export data from Rangal to your other systems, or to import data from your systems into Rangal.